About MyOnlinePharmacy

MyOnlinePharmacy provides only genuine, FDA-approved, brand-name or generic medications prescribed by U.S. Licensed Physicians and fulfilled by U.S. Licensed Pharmacists.

Our focus on a small number of medications allows us to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Confidentiality and the health and welfare of our customers is our highest priority.  Your privacy is of the highest importance to us and we understand discretion.  Our billing and shipping is done as discreetly as possible and we never sell your information to anyone.

Medical Information

The required online questionnaire was developed by U.S. licensed physicians to gather necessary medical or health related information from our customers/patients.  This allows the physician to determine if certain medications are suitable for each individual and best for their health and well-being.

Guarantee and Quality Assurance

When you order from MyOnlinePharmacy, we guarantee that you will receive brand-name, FDA-approved medication.

"Generic" Viagra/Cialis/Levitra

There are currently no "generic" versions of erectile dysfunction medications that are legally available in the U.S.  These are not FDA approved and consumers should be very wary of purchasing these products advertised for a fraction of the price of the name-brand, FDA-approved medication.  Many of these illegal pills have been tested and deemed unsafe or ineffective.  In other words, the product may contain a variable amount of the active ingredient.  One tablet/capsule may contain zero active ingredient and another tablet/capsule may contain 5-10 times the listed amount of active ingredient.  While no active ingredient may be frustrating, too much can lead to uncomfortable and potentially harmful side effects.  Additionally, some sites will advertise that they are selling genuine Viagra for a fraction of the price when in fact, it is still a generic and potentially unsafe generic.  FDA approved and pedigreed medications are assured to contain the active ingredient in each product that is indicated on that product.

Viagra and Cialis will be available in generic forms in late 2017.

HOWEVER, there IS a safe and much more affordable alternative to Viagra by using the generic medication for Revatio (medication used for pulmonary hypertension).  The active ingredient in Revatio is sildenafil citrate which is EXACTLY THE SAME MEDICATION as the active ingredient found in Viagra.  The difference is the dosage per tablet.  Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg dosages and Revatio (sildenafil citrate) is in a 20mg dosage.  Sildenafil citrate 20mg (generic for Revatio) is prescribed 'off-label' for treatment of erectile dysfunction at dosages of 2-5 tablets (40mg-100mg).  This provides you with an average of 6-10 doses for the same as you would pay for 1-2 doses of brand name Viagra.

More Bad News

Most products you see online are from outside the U.S. and usually take 7-20 business days for shipping and processing provided your shipment isn't stopped at Customs.  Payment to a foreign country presents another layer of risk for fraud.

Don't Risk Your Health, Safety and Money

In the end, you can trust MyOnlinePharmacy.com for FDA-approved medication prescribed by U.S. licensed doctors and filled by a U.S. licensed pharmacist and pharmacy.  Your payment and shipping are secure providing you quickly with the safe, quality medications you expect.

Avoid Increasing Office Co-Pays, Deductibles, Time Hassle and the Embarassment

MyOnlinePharmacy.com offers a great alternative by utilizing telemedicine standards and features that far outweigh the safety of most traditional office visits.  You are screened and if approved, issued a valid prescription by a U.S. licensed physician and filled by a U.S. licensed pharmacist and pharmacy.  Your medication is shipped and can be in your hands overnight (shipping charges apply).  No co-pay. No deductible to meet.  No waiting in the doctor's office or at the pharmacy. No unnecessary embarassment.